For over 20 years, we have designed innovative and compelling visual environments for broadcast and web presentations. We test and integrate the latest display, lighting and material technology for flexible, high impact presentations across all mediums of distribution.


We work with our partners to supply the latest LED lighting fixtures and control solutions. We incorporate DMX controlled accent lighting into the set and integrate this control into the lighting console. We collaborate, communicate for excellent long term results.


Our design staff has decades of experience and a detailed understanding of creating content distribution workspace. Our unique solutions solve the workplace design as well as creating a distinct on air image that will support and distinguish your brand in today’s crowded marketplace.


Park Place has been working with our manufacturing partner for over 2 years and have created an unmatched solution for seamless large scale video walls. From soft resolutions starting at P10 to high res cabinets down to P1.9, our understanding of the technology and control solutions are proven, robust and easy to operate. Our video cabinet control solutions can be integrated into existing automation systems and workflow.


Once you have approved the design elements, we create Construction Cocuments and issue the drawings to one of our fabrication partner. We monitor the process every step of the way. This is where old world craftsmanship meets digital technology and our well tested and proven system for QC and Excellent results,


We have successfully completed over 350 projects in the last 20 years. Our work can be seen around the world including 40 of 50 states, China, Japan, Trinidad, Naussau Italy and Germany. Our experience, planning and proven project systems deliver ideas on time and on budget.